Gain insight, precision and depth in our 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

"Discover a yoga teacher training experience that transcends the ordinary. Imagine immersing yourself in a journey curated by not one, but three visionary studio owners, each bringing their unique perspective and decades of industry expertise to the table. Together, we've distilled the essence of what truly matters from our collective 200-hour trainings, crafting an advanced program tailored to the demands of contemporary studio owners and instructors. Gone are the days of sifting through irrelevant information ‚Äď in this transformative training, we've¬†distilled down topics, leaving only the most potent insights and practices aimed at propelling your growth in skill, leadership, and personal practice to unparalleled heights."



Destination YTT

 Your Journey to becoming a 200-hour certified yoga teacher begins here

Destination YTT is the yoga teacher training specifically for busy students and working professionals who want to learn how to teach yoga and deliver impactful classes without sacrificing the life changing experience that other trainings offer.

For the first time ever, Solshine Yoga is offering a hybrid course designed to teach you everything you need to know about leading a powerful yoga class. In this training you will begin with a self-paced online course and finish with a week-long immersion where you will dive into yoga practice, meditation and self-inquiry.

Step 1.

We Begin By Building A Foundation

Your first step is to complete our level 1 online YTT Course "Yoga Teacher Essentials." This program is self-paced and complete with an online curriculum that lays the foundation for understanding the role of a yoga teacher. This part of the training will empower you to begin doing the personal work of developing the skills you need to curate your authentic teaching voice and deliver a class that impacts the lives around you

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Step 2.

Complete 100 hours of practice 

The second phase is to complete the required number of contact hours to become eligible for registration through Yoga Alliance. You can complete the required 100 hours at your own pace with in-studio classes and scheduled live workshops


by attending a SOL Searcher Yoga Immersion on location!
Training hours should be completed within 12 months of completing the online program. 
Our next Sol Searcher Immersion will be in June, 2024


Biomechanics for Optimal Alignment

Join Brandy Segura for an immersive training experience focusing on the alignment and biomechanics of yoga. This comprehensive program is designed for yoga practitioners and teachers looking to deepen their understanding of optimal alignment, enhance their teaching skills, and explore biomechanic applications for injury management. 50 Hours.

Advanced Teaching Techniques and Methodology

Amplify your yoga classes by developing and refining your personal teaching skill set. In this module we will meet you where you are and together explore the grammar, language and art of teaching great yoga classes. 50 Hours

Deepening the Practice through Meditation and Pranayama

Dive deep into your sadhana (yoga practices) and svadhyaya (personal inquiry). You will learn the foundational physical and spiritual philosophy of the classical texts and what it means to live your yoga. 50 Hours


Sequencing for Results

Understand the fundamentals of sequencing based on the science of movement and how to break down concepts into achievable skills that you can organize into an expertly delivered class. 

Foundations of Teaching Beginner Yoga

Teaching to beginners is a skill that most new yoga teachers won't master without substantial practice and understanding. In this workshop we will explore concepts, language and appropriate movement that drive adherence and rapport with new students. 

Hands on Adjustments and Assists

The Workshop Workshop:

Learn how to organize and present a workshop using industry standard guidelines 

Leadership and Business


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Emerging Science

You will be introduced to topics that expand your 200 hour training knowlege in the field of 

  • Biomechanics and Yoga
  • Shoulders and Strength
  • Hips and Power
  • Spine and Mobility
  • Myofascial Release¬†
  • The truth about adaptation and programming
  • Yoga, Meditation and the Brain


Ancient Wisdom

Dive deep into your sadhana (yoga practices) and svadhyaya (personal inquiry). Expand your knowledge of the ancient yoga texts and  


Transformative Leadership


Experience Matters