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 The Solshine community is amazing

This studio changed my Clemson experience. I finally found a place that I felt comfortable in. The classes are energetic, fun but encourage me to find a deeper sense of self.

Ellie H.


This will always be my absolute favorite studio.

I recently moved back to the area and am overjoyed at the recent expansion of space and teachers! Every instructors is knowledgable and helpful and kind. I cannot recommend this studio highly enough!

Paige H.


Always a great mix of classes.

Especially Sundays. Class is empowering and adaptable and intentional. I love the variety and the community! This studio is the best!


Lora R.


Transform Your life on and off the mat 

Find The Class For You


Empower Flow

• Heated to 95 degrees •
Build physical and mental strength as you flow through a series of yoga poses, drawing on the breath as your inner source of power in this energizing class.



Deep Sol Flow

• Heated 90-95 degrees •
This slow flow class takes you through guided poses, encouraging exploration of mind and body while synchronizing your breath with traditional yoga movements.  


Yoga + Sculpt

• Heated 90 Degrees •
This class blends vinyasa yoga with strength and cardio segments leaving you strong and blissed out. Intense all levels. 


Align and Refine

• Heated 85-90 Degrees •
Tune in to your body and breath as you learn to mindfully engage your muscles to support your body with integrity.


Sol Surrender

• No Heat •
This slow, stretchy practice is designed to de-stress your mind and body as you breathe into the ever-changing sensations that arise in long-held poses.


Pilates + Flow

• Heated 90 Degrees •
Mat pilates, lower body and vinyasa yoga make this corecentric practice the ultimate work out and work in!


Body Strong 

• No Heat  • Trainer Led Series • 

Geared toward women who are 40+ and want to build muscle to support metabolism, aging, menopause and more! This foundational class will utilize the basic principles of strength training to build muscle, stability and stamina 


Rock Your Asana

• Heated 95 Degrees •

 Attention flow junkies, this class is for you! This fast-paced level 2 flow is designed to challenge you to dig deep in a sweat dripping, party on the mat. Flow, breath, and sweat your way through a full body and whole mind practice. 

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New Student FAQs

Everything You Need To Know



  • Parking is either across the street or behind the building in the parking garage for Bixby. To find the garage, turn at Papa John's Pizza (don’t park there, they tow!) and it's one block down. You can't miss it. Parking across the street does have a time limit, however, we have not seen a lot of monitoring as of yet. 

What you should bring

  • Bring a mat and a yoga towel.  
  •  We do not offer yoga mat rentals or loaners, but we do have inexpensive mats for purchase at the front desk. If you need a mat, let us know!
  • We have complimentary sweat towels available but do not have long yoga towels. 
  • We have specialty hot mats for sale in the studio and we can special order extra long mats. 
  • Bring a water bottle - We have a filling station outside the studio. If you forget your water bottle, we do have bottled water for sale.  

What you should wear

  • Avoid loose clothing that will fall over your head or become a distraction in class. Long yoga pants or shorts, and a tank or sports bra. Some people do wear socks, but we don't recommend them because they are slippery.
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